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DDSS-An Overview

Harmonizing our vision of redefining your conference experience, Agile Falcon (AF) Strategic Group proudly brings to you 6th Annual European "Drug Discovery Strategic Summit (DDSS)" on 4th & 5th of May 2020 in Amsterdam, Netherland. Drug Discovery Strategic Summit highlights the advances in current and emerging hot targets and technologies, as well as target validation strategies for the discovery and development from biologics to small molecules. DDSS is custom designed to provide you an exceptional platform to unfold emerging challenges in the field of drug discovery. Our innovate One-to-One meeting protocol make sure that you get to meet the right professional for future business partnership. Over the course of two days, you will not only get the business development opportunity but with our enriched and thoroughly researched agenda you will get the chance to enhance our knowledge as well.

Event Features

  • Over 180 Drug Discovery Industry Professional Projected for 2019.
  • 10+ Dedicated Hours of Fast-Paced Networking Functions.
  • Exclusive Exhibit Hall and One on One Meeting Sessions.
  • Showcase Keynote Presentations by Leading Speakers.
  • 2 New Breakout Sessions along with Expert Discussion Groups.
  • In-Depth and Focused learning with Senior Drug Discovery Executives.
  • Speaking Faculty of 2019

    We invite Industrial experts

    Domingo Gargallo-Viola

    Chief Scientific Officer at
    ABAC Therapeutics

    Dr.Torsten Hoffmann

    Senior Vice President Drug Discovery
    at Taros Chemicals Gmbh

    Matthias Nees

    Principal Investigator at

    Jose-Manuel Bartolome

    Scientific Director at Johnson & Johnson

    Dr Victoria Steadman

    Business Line Leader for Integrated
    Drug Discovery,Eurofins Discovery

    Pascal Mayer

    CEO at Alphanosos

    Martin Ostermaier

    CEO at InterAx Biotech AG

    Stan Watowich

    CEO RIdgeline Therapeutics

    Alessandro Padova

    CEO at Fondazione Ri.MED

    Alexander Scheer

    Chief Scientific Officer at
    ERYTECH Pharma

    Jonathan Mason

    Chief Scientist at Sosei Therapeutics

    Olaf Schroeder

    CEO NeuroProof GmbH

    Michael Thormann

    CEO of Origenis GmbH

    Ana Julia Narvaez

    Associate Principal Scientist at


    Our aim is to deliver personalized, integrated and measurable conferences that address the unique requirements and goals of our clients. Agile Falcon (AF) Strategic Group conferences get the right requirement to the right audience at the right time.

    Tailored Agenda

    Scope of AF Strategic Group conferences are quite wide, we aim address as many tides of the current business world as possible. The agenda is pretty extensive if you find some topics more interesting, DDSS will gives you the opportunity to select a tailor-made agenda customly designed for you.

    Panel Discussions

    DDSS panel discussion will be focusing on the identified areas, within the broad range of fields, in which there are particularly important problems. Firstly, two to five-minute introduction of the topic with each panelist taking five minutes to introduce themselves and their perspectives on the topic.

    Networking Sessions

    AF Strategic Group selects 15-20 competent exhibitors every year for the conference. 4th Annual European DDSS will provide exhibitions space for selected exhibitors. All exhibitors will be provided with same space area which will be in reach to all of the present attendees in the networking area.

    Keynote Presentations

    Over the span of 2 days handpicked topics will be discussed by the industrial and academic researchers working hard in the field of drug discovery. World renowned leaders from pharma filed will discuss the emerging challenges faced in the drug discovery and how to scientifically and strategically manage those challenges, even before it the presents itself.

    Poster Sessions

    Poster sessions are the best opportunity to discuss informally your research with colleagues interested in their research, business development, experience etc. Poster sessions will run in parallel with the plenary sessions and possibly during networking breaks. The purpose of the posters is to visually stimulate interest in the research, to present sufficient information to you to understand the methods, results, and significance of the research, and to promote conversations and networking among conference attendees.

    Awards and Rewards

    AF Strategic Group believes in honoring and valuing our relations, for that distinguished awards and certificates will be distributed among the participants in Awards and Reward Distribution Ceremony at the end of events. Speakers will be bestowed with honorary awards for their valuable knowledge and experience sharing. Exceptional Exhibitor Award will be presented on the basis of the stall presentation. Certificate of participation will be also be distributed among all the attendees.







    Event Partners

    To Put it Altogether

    AF Strategic Group team of research experts can help you identify ways to lower costs, improve revenues and achieve the best opportunities in the market to associate with. Our conference expertise can assist you with quantitative and qualitative results to ensure that you are meeting a worthy demand and have the requisite tools and information that you need to succeed in this competitive market. To ensure superior service quality, we only cooperate with the right decision makers and service provider with an ultimate aim of creating long-lasting and prosperous partnerships; thus providing you a redefining conference experience altogether, while adhering strictly to business ethics and data protection standards.


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